Ella nos ha recordado que cualquiera puede practicar yoga

Ella nos ha recordado que cualquiera puede practicar yoga


Su nombre es Valerie Sagun, tiene 31 años y es originaria de San José, California y practica yoga desde hace 7 años.


A través de su cuenta de Instagram, que actualmente cuenta con más de 155 mil seguidores, muestra que las mujeres con sobrepeso también son capaces de realizar yoga y ha roto los estereotipos al respecto.




Aug 26th – Day 17 of the #FlexinASweat Yoga Wheel challenge with @gypsetcity and @biggalyoga Sponsors: @breakin_a_sweat @fractal.9 @laviebohemeyoga I cropped it out, but I definitely could only get on the wheel using my chair as support of my hands. Stood on one foot, and brought the other foot onto the wheel. Then I could Squat down into Malasana. How to join in: Follow hosts @gypsetcity and @biggalyoga and sponsors @breakin_a_sweat @fractal.9 @laviebohemeyoga Share flyer to help promote! Post a photo or video of yourself in the daily pose (With or without a yoga wheel). Tag #FlexinASweat in your post as well as the hosts and sponsors! Yoga Wheel by @breakin_a_sweat 12″ wheel Top from Target Mat by @laviebohemeyoga Leggings by @rainbeaucurves #BASyogawheel #breakinasweat #yogachallenge

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Ahora se ha convertido en un referente para que otras chicas plus size puedan practicar la disciplina y sentirse cómodas con sus cuerpos.


En su cuenta de Instagram publica la gran variedad de posturas que es capaz de realizar y alienta a otras mujeres  a intentarlo.


También comparte su experiencia y relata cómo el yoga la ayudó a enfrentar la depresión y lidiar con la ansiedad, así como a recuperar la confianza en su cuerpo.




Oh, hello all you new followers! A lot of people have been asking where you can start your own yoga practice. If you go to my website (www.biggalyoga.com direct link in description) under the FAQ there is a link called ‘Getting Into Yoga’ where I have made a blog post for anyone wanting some tips on how to start. This is the only way I have started so those are the only tips for now that I can offer. I’ll update it soon and look for more videos and recommendations. Some have asked as well if I have a Youtube with videos. Yes I do have a YouTube, but no I don’t have videos to practice. Since I am not yoga teacher trained I don’t feel comfortable yet setting up videos for people to practice yet. Next year I will definitely start to work with videos there. As for Yoga Teacher Training, I’m looking up places to do my training. If there are any yogis who are yoga teacher trained, and have any recommendations on places to get certified, I would love to know! There was a place in Arizona, that I was thinking of, but I’d love to know more that I can’t find on the internet! Comment here for details or email me at [email protected] with details. Hopefully trainings that will start the beginning of next year, from 2 weeks – 3 months time frame. Trying to get trained soon so I can start teaching! Thank you all again for the heart warming comments, and touching words!

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Ella nos ha recordado que cualquiera puede practicar yoga